International Students show impressive employment rates

By eurireland, Thursday, 18th May 2017 | 0 comments

The latest Higher Education Authority report "What do Graduates do? The Class of 2015" reflects the continued improvement in terms of finding a job nine months after graduation.  The proportion of graduates with a Bachelor, Master or PhD degree who are in employment is 68% up 3% on 2014.

The position relating to international students also shows impressive levels of improvement.  In 2015 of graduates from the 7 universities, 67% of Bachelor, 75% of Higher and Postgraduate Diploma and 76% of Master and PhD graduates were in employment.  The corresponding figures for 2014 were 56%, 66% and 73% respectively.  The numbers employed in Ireland ranged from 37% of Bachelor graduates, 70% of Higher and Postgraduate and 76% of Master and PhD of students.

The report’s findings are based on 18,526 survey responses, representing 73% of Level 8-10 graduates from Ireland’s universities and colleges of education. 

Full Report

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