Erasmus Quality Mobility Tools

The EMQT project is led by the University of Padova and consists in setting up an “Erasmus structural network”, whose  general aim is to  identify organisational models, good practices, benchmarking procedures and related indicators, which should characterise the quality of the students’ exchange mobility. On this basis the project then aims at defining an MQTB-Mobility Quality Tools Box and at developing guidelines for different “Quality patterns or profiles”, where a given institution can position itself, and for mechanisms of accountability and of external validation.

The network comprises 14 Universities and 5 non-academic bodies – focuses on promoting quality in Erasmus mobility by developing self-certification tools for the benefit of HEIs. Outcomes and outputs are prepared and achieved by partners within six lines of action, dealt with by 6 specific Task Forces, i.e. a) general organisational models, b) language preparation, c) information and orientation, d) students' performances and recognition, e) reception of host students and f) e-coaching.