WISHES an Erasmus Mundus Networking Tool

WISHES, a European Project funded within Action 4 of the Erasmus Mundus Programme - and an innovative and free of charge promotion and networking tool for European higher education institutions. WISHES is already supported by over 150 higher education institutions, international associations, European networks, ministries of education and national agencies -- and thus provides a tremendous potential to further increase the visibility of your country's higher education institutions (HEIs).

WISHES stands for Web based Information Service for Higher Education Students. It offers an online platform where European higher education institutions can promote themselves free of charge to high potential students all over the world. (www.eu-wishes.eu) At the same time WISHES creates a virtual community where students can meet students to share experiences on studying abroad - and hence enriches the promotional presentation of the study offers by the most credible testimonials anyone can have: (international) students.

In the near future, the developers will launch a European mobility portal. Therefore, now the time is right to ensure an active participation in this unique and free of charge marketing opportunity. To illustrate how WISHES will also boost the visibility of your higher education institutions, today and the organisers would like to invite you to have a first and exclusive look at the preview of their upcoming portal:

The potential WISHES offers as an innovative tool for international cooperation and high visibility provides to each and every individual higher education institution is huge.

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