Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Higher Education Authority?

The Higher Education Authority (HEA) is the planning and development body for higher education and research in Ireland.  It acts as the National Agency for the EU's Erasmus+ Programme. The HEA is also the national co-ordinator of the Brazil: Science without Borders Programme and administers the Government of Ireland International Scholarships.

Does the HEA make payments to students?

The HEA does not make payments directly to students.  The HEA acts as an intermediary between the Brazilian authorities and the Higher Education Institutions.


If a student has to return home before completing his/her course in Ireland what is the situation regarding their scholarship?  Do they have to repay CAPES?

It depends on the case. If the student has a medical reason to quit the programme (illness, depression, pregnancy) he/she must prove it with documentation.  In these cases there will be no charges imposed on the student. If a student forsakes the programme without a specific reason, this student will have to repay CAPES all the money that was invested on the scholarship.

  • Situations:
    • A student who returns home due to a pregnancy: the student must return to Brazil, but she doesn’t  have to repay CAPES. The main reason for this decision is that the SwB scholarship won’t offer any support to dependents.
    • A student who returns home due to a family bereavement: CAPES accepts this return. It must be informed and registered. After a few days (15 to 20 days) the student must evaluate if he or she will be able to continue the studies abroad.
    • A student who returns home due to ill health: the student must return to Brazil, but he/she doesn’t have to repay CAPES. The illness must be proved with medical documents. 

Can students defer their scholarship and return to Ireland to complete their programme at a later date?  

No. When a student returns to Brazil his/her scholarship is terminated. In order to participate again in SwB, he or she will have to start a new inscription, in a new Call.


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How far in advance of the commencement of higher education studies can a student arrive in Ireland.

Students may arrive up to 20 days before the start of their studies.