Erasmus NA/ESN Photo Competition

Group Shot at Mansion House

The Irish Erasmus Student Network led by National Representative KeKenny  Honny Ho (right with Lord Mayor of Dublin, Andrew Montague) supported by the National Agency organised a Photo Competition of images of Ireland created by incoming Erasmus Students.    Group seen above at the Mansion House, Dublin

The prizes were presented at a reception in the Mansion House, Dublin by the Lord Mayor, Andrew Montague.

The overall winner was Rebecca Lauther from Germany.  Rebecca says "There are so many amazing experiences I've made in Ireland that it's really hard to find them in one picture. But then we took a picture on our trip to Glendalough.

It shows the wonderful Irish nature which impresses me again and again every time I'm outside of Dublin city. The nature shows the calm side of Ireland which just looks so peaceful and lovely that I'd love to spend my whole free time just sitting on the water's edge, listening to the nature and simply enjoying being surrounded by such beauty. At my home town I'm quite often sitting on "my lake" - to study, to think about things that happened in my life and to relax. This lake is one of the things I miss most by being in Dublin. Being at the lakes in Glendalough just made me feel as if I could come here to have all these possibilities. It really made me feel at home.

But this picture doesn't only show the amazing Irish nature. It shows me and my freinds who were with me at the trip. I met so many amazing people in Dublin and I'm pretty sure that I'll stay in touch with quite a lot of them. That's something I didn't expect in that way. You know that you meet a lot of people, you make friends and you' have a good time. But there are especially some people which already mean a lot to me. They make me smile when I'm not in my best mood, they support me when I don't do as well as I hoped to do, they enjoy my laugh when I'm happy and they sit next to me in the library when we all have to study. They might be just random people for some, but for me they are the people who made the months in Dublin,  the best months in my life!

Thanks to all of you! I'm pretty sure I'll miss you back home and I look forward to party in Belgium, to relax in Sardinia and to discover the USA when I'll visit all of you!!!"